About OnePass®

Rental Tolling That’s Fast. Fair. Easy.

We all realize there are no free roads. Every road needs money to be maintained. For some roads, that money comes from tolls.

Should you, while renting a vehicle, come across a toll facility, rest assured. If your rental company has teamed up with OnePass®, you can be assured these tolls are paid. And, for your benefit, these tolls are paid electronically to help you avoid long lines.

Forgot to bring your own toll transponder? No problem: it’s not needed with OnePass®. We take all the guesswork out of rental tolling.

Charges are usually applied the day after tolls are incurred. You can review your toll charges daily at www.onepasstolls.com and even sign up for emails notifying you when tolls are charged.

OnePass®. Rental Tolling That’s Fast. Fair. Easy.