Frequently Asked Questions

Why OnePass®? The vehicle you rented is owned and licensed by the Rental Agency. As such, they are responsible for toll charges if that vehicle goes through a toll facility and you do not pay the toll. To simplify how the Rental Agency obtains the toll charges from you, the Renter, your Rental Agency has teamed up with OnePass®.

How does OnePass® work? Your rental vehicle may be equipped with a permanently mounted and active OnePass® toll transponder and/or the license plate may be registered with the toll authorities. Your rental agency may offer different OnePass® services, including all-inclusive tolling, daily usage fees, and violation avoidance. Please refer to your rental agreement and OnePass® materials available from your rental agency for a complete description of the programs available and any costs and fees. If you incur any charges at any toll facilities equipped with electronic tolling and do not pay the toll facility operator, you will automatically enroll in our OnePass® rental toll service and agree to pay us (or any applicable third party) incurred tolls and any applicable administration fees.

How do I activate and begin using OnePass®? No action is required by you. Just drive the vehicle through any electronic tolling lane.

Where does OnePass® work? The OnePass® service works for tolling everywhere in the United States. For locations, click here.

Can I use OnePass® to pay for E-ZPass Plus parking or SunPass Parking? – No. Currently, OnePass® only works for toll charges.

Do I have to use OnePass®? If you did not sign up for an all inclusive tolling program, you can avoid fees and any other charges by paying cash for tolls and by avoiding travel on any cashless toll road or facility. If your vehicle is not equipped with a OnePass® transponder, you may use your own transponder however you will still automatically enroll in OnePass® if you incur any toll charges that are referred to us because your transponder was not accepted for payment by the toll authority.

Can I use my own transponder? If your vehicle is not equipped with a permanently mounted OnePass® transponder, you may use your own transponder. Please remember to remove it before you return the vehicle. Your rental agency is not responsible for transponders left in the rental vehicle. If your vehicle is equipped with a permanently mounted OnePass® transponder, you may not remove it and/or use your own transponder.

I don’t plan to use any toll facilities; do I still need OnePass®?If you did not enroll in an all-inclusive tolling program and do not drive through any toll facilities during use of your rental vehicle, then you will not be charged anything for OnePass. But, in the unexpected case you come across a toll facility, rest assured that OnePass® is available and active – to get you through the toll plaza quickly.

How can I see what tolls have been applied? Any tolls and fees incurred will be available for your review at the OnePass® site by clicking here. Please keep in mind that there typically is a one-day lag from when you drive through the toll plaza and that trip registering in the system and some tolls can take longer.

Is there any deposit involved? At the start of your rental, a deposit or credit card authorization may be required by the rental agency.

When will toll charges be billed? OnePass will gather all toll charges during your rental period and, dependong on the amount of charges and fees, may bill during the rental and/or after the rental has ended.

When will my deposit be refunded? If you used a credit or debit card for a separate toll deposit at the time of rental, the authorization amount to your card less any toll charges and fees will be released by us as soon as practical. Note that the issuer of your card may not release the authorization until a later date and time. We have no control over when the issuer of your card processes the release. Please contact them directly at the number on the back of your card if you have any questions about this. If you left a cash deposit at the rental agency, the deposit less any toll charges and fees will be available there during regular business hours according to rules established by the rental agency. Please note that the rental agency, at their discretion, may return the deposit as cash or check.”

Why did I see a toll charge several days after the Rental ended? There can be instances where toll agencies are delayed in processing their toll transactions. These delays would then result in a toll charge to you that could be days or weeks after the Rental has ended.

What happens if I damage or lose the vehicle’s transponder? If the vehicle is equipped with a permanently mounted toll transponder and the vehicle is returned with the toll transponder missing or damaged, you will pay a $50 fee.