OnePassĀ® Terms of Use

If your rental vehicle is equipped with a permanently mounted and active toll transponder and the vehicle is returned with the toll transponder missing or damaged, you will pay an administrative fee. If you did not select an all-inclusive tolling plan with your rental or you incur any charges at any toll facilities equipped with electronic tolling and do not pay the toll facility operator, you will automatically enroll in our OnePass® rental toll service and pay us (or any applicable third party) incurred tolls plus applicable fees. Renter authorizes the car rental agency to transfer name, address, credit/debit card information, and other data necessary to enable the collection of all such amounts. You can avoid the processing fee and any other charges by paying cash and by avoiding travel on any cashless toll road or facility.

At the start of your rental, a separate OnePass® deposit for toll charges may be taken. If no toll charges are incurred, the full deposit will be returned. If you drive through any toll facilities without paying, toll charges will be deducted from the deposit before its balance is returned to you. Charges are usually applied the day after tolls are incurred. In the event toll charges are delayed, and your deposit returned before these charges are deducted, Renter agrees to make payment against any accurate invoice processed.

For more details on the program rules specifc to your rental, refer to your rental agreement and OnePass® materials available from your rental agency. To download a statement of toll charges, Renter can go to Renter may also call Customer Service at 877-My1Pass (877-691-7277).